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Nadia Barrou, lawyer Photo : Patrick Palmer

Me Nadia Barrou - Founder and Attorney

Me Barrou has been a lawyer since 1994 and is a member of the Quebec Bar. She is also a board member of the Immigration Section (Quebec Division) of the Canadian Bar Association and an executive member of the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association.

Determination, humanity, and integrity are character traits that make a lawyer of utmost professionalism who has aimed to serve her clients to their entire satisfaction for the past 20 years.

Her firm and colleagues are a reflection of her expertise and excellence.

Me Barrou hosts several conferences and workshops regarding immigration. Additionally, she is very active on social media and immigration forums.

To learn more about Me Barrou, click here.

Nadia Maredj – Senior Legal Assistant

A native of Algeria, Nadia has made Canada her permanent residence since 1998. Before then Nadia lived in Cuba for seven years and learned to speak Spanish, an asset that complements her mastery of Arabic, Berber and French.

She has worked for over 15 years in the field of immigration, 10 of which she worked as Nadia Barrou's right hand.

Nadia's passion and attentiveness to clients allows her to diligently perform her administrative functions. She is Maître Barrou's right-hand woman.

Audrey Sanchez - NLP Coach and Offie Manager

Succeeding a 10 years career in the administration branch in various countries, Audrey chose to take interest in people going through decisive transitions.

Within the firm, she gets involved in building a work environment more comfortable for her colleagues in regards to personal development, as well as human relations, administrative et technology support. Her spirit of innovation on personal management allowed her to bring positive and solid changes.

She welcomes dynamic energy and the commitment of the women with who she matures.

Myriam Barrou Dumont – Junior Coordinator and Human Resource Officer


Myriam has studied law and criminology at the University of Ottawa. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she returned to Montreal, her city of birth.

She continues her studies in Management at HEC Montreal with the aim of obtaining her second bachelor’s degree. She also specialises in human resources.

Fascinated by the mission of the firm, Myriam is also enrolled in the training of consultations in immigration to become a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Rachida Saddiki Barrou - Administrative and Legal Assistant

Rachida has been in charge of the Casablanca office for over 10 years. She started working there when she turned 18 while studying in accounting and IT.

Rachida operates the link between the Casablanca and Montreal offices and an effective communication with the clients.