Temporary immigration to Canada
Temporary immigration to Canada
Temporary immigration to Canada

Temporary immigrants

Would you like to come discover Canada for your studies, as a temporary worker or for sightseeing? We're here to help!

Our immigration law firm will advise you on how best to achieve your dreams and projects, whether for a visit, a study permit or work permit, we will advise you on what to do and how to do it in order to increase your chances of success.

There are several types of temporary permits. Each one corresponds to a particular profile. It is important to apply for the appropriate visa and to meet the criteria laid down by laws and regulations.

Lawyer Nadia Barrou will be able to provide you with information on the practicalities of your application and processing times. When considering your application, there are various affordable rates available. Please contact us.

Work permit for students

A student can now work without a diploma if he meets the conditions related to the study permit. When the studies are successfully completed, it is possible to quickly obtain a post diploma work permit

Work permit through an offer of employment

This work permit enables highly skilled or less skilled workers to be employed. Service Canada must validate the offer of employment as the work offered must in no way threaten the employment opportunities of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen. This permit is, therefore, reliant on being offered a very technical or rare position that is difficult to fill.

Work permit for qualified workers

At the federal level, a new « express entry » system is being integrated and should be available by January 2015. (link1, link 2)
At the provincial level, all quotas have been filled for candidates outside of the province of Quebec. New quotas will be available by April 2015.

Other categories of work permits

There are many programs allowing work in Canada depending on origin (some countries are covered by reciprocal agreements, ex: international experience, NAFTA, …) depending on the destination (Quebec or other province), depending on job category (specialised or unspecialised), depending on job wanted, etc…

Study Permit

This permit is for those who want to come to study in Canada.

Visitor's Visa

When coming from certain countries, you are required to obtain a visitor's visa to enter Canada, even as a tourist.