Employer portal in Arrima: good news for immigrants?

There are only a few hooks between employers and candidates. As of September 25, the MIFI had invited nearly 2,500 people whose profile had appealed to an employer, but only finalized 1,438 applications, mostly submitted by candidates already established in Quebec on a temporary basis.

The biggest obstacle to the operation of the employers’ portal is the processing times: 6 months for obtaining the CSQ and 30 months for permanent residence. An employer cannot wait 3 years for the arrival of a candidate who is in another country unless they come with a work permit, but once the work permit has been granted, nothing will prevent the worker from being favouring the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

Arrima is a victim of the popularity of the PEQ, which offers a quick and easy route to permanent residence.
Quebec is trying to rebalance the number of candidates who use the PEQ, Arrima and those that the MIFI will seek in the framework of three pilot programs (care for beneficiaries, food processing or in artificial intelligence, technologies of the information).


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