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Sponsorship in Quebec and Canada

Let our immigration lawyers help with your sponsorship application

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their spouses and certain relatives to immigrate to Canada. Sponsorship is meant to encourage family reunification in Canada.

Sponsorship can be complicated, so it’s best to have someone familiar with the process guide you through it. Our firm of immigration lawyers and consultants is here to support you through the sponsorship application process in Canada and Quebec.

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How to apply for sponsorship in Canada

In order to sponsor a family member, you must submit an application to the Canadian government. The government determines who is eligible to sponsor and be sponsored and what obligations are involved.

It’s important to note that sponsorship programs are for Canadian citizens and residents. There are a variety of programs, including some at the provincial level. An immigration expert can guide you through the process and give you the best chance of obtaining a sponsorship.


Let Nadia Barrou’s team support you through the sponsorship application process

Our immigration lawyers, consultants and paralegals have been helping new arrivals to Canada since 1998. We will be happy to support you from the moment we take charge of your file until your sponsorship application is approved.

Contact our firm today. We will review your file carefully to determine the best strategy for your sponsorship application.

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